1. To establish children’s homes to help orphan and vulnerable children irrespective to their sex, religion, creed or community and to provide them with food, accommodation, medicine, cloth, education facilities and vocational training, free of costs.

  2. To empower the women and Widows by providing a free vocational training skills such as sewing training and other skills, to help the aged widows with free food, free shelter, free medical care, free clothing and rehabilitate them suitably and spiritually.

  3. To provide training to the deserving children irrespective of their sex, religion, creed or community, develop their talents in art, science, sports and cultural activities and to conduct arts and sports competitions for children.

  4. To provide financial assistance for education and clothing to other children who are not residing of our children’s home, irrespective of their sex, religion, creed or community.

  5. To help and assist in the welfare of poor people in slums and rural areas irrespective of their religion, caste an creed by giving them clothes, food and or monetary help as the case may be that are indicated and appointed by the society.

  6. To conduct awareness classes, film shows, music programmes and medical camps in different places for the benefit of deserving children irrespective of their sex, religion, creed or community.

  7. To help the poor villages with fresh clean drinking water by rigging the Water Wells, in order to save their lives from causes of many deaths of un-cleaned water.

  8. To help the helpless of people who are victimized by natural disasters like floods, cyclones, typhoons and earth quakes , providing free clothing, free food materials and free medical help.

  9. To construct a homes for homeless that who lost their belongings such as houses and materials from the natural disaster like floods and typhoons.

  10. To reach the unreached by showing the Love and compassion of Jesus Christ to help them both physical and spiritually support.