GCM Tailoring Project, vocational tailoring classes for widow’s , young girls and other women for who are starving for income to sustain their lives. It conducts basic course of 6 months. The purpose and goal of this project is to teach sewing to under-privileged girls, widows, and women at risk for human trafficking so they can provide for themselves and their children. We also provide for any up-front resources they may need. It is our desire for them to become self-sufficient and a functioning part of their community. Though this project widows can be self employed.

In this project the girls are taught not only stitching, cutting and embroidery, but also the Word of God. Many girls have experienced a transformation in their personal lives by the power of God. Even though mothers play a vital role in the lives of their children and the home, they are treated as unimportant. It is our hope that the women who come to our Sewing School will impact future generations.

Currently GCM running one sewing center called “ Dorcas Sewing School” with 30 destitute women, widows and young girls in the village of kottam and planning to open 4 more branches around the state of Andhra Pradesh. This sewing program will help and deliver many young girls and women who are under prostitution , This training will be a Hope of Blessings to these Young Girls and Women in this caste and creed society..

Please consider sending funds to help provide a sewing machine ( “ Hope of Blessing” ) for these women who are changing their lives for the better. The cost of a sewing machine is $175 USD. If you are interested in donating toward the cost of a sewing machine and supplies please contact us for the details. These women, as well as the future generations, thank you.

Please make a donation for one/more sewing machine’s.