The ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ consisted of preaching, healing and teaching. Offering heath and healing is the demonstrative of God’s love and care to the poor marginalized and the humanity. Thousands of sick people benefit through the medical camps which is organizing by the founder of GCM to reach the poor and marginalized through innovative health care programs.

On a monthly basis, Grace Children Ministries conducts a free medical camps in the most interior and tribal villages to provide a free medical assistance. We travelled to these tribal areas by Auto rickshaws with a doctor and team. More than 300 people are well treated with free medicines every month. We also offer help with minor surgeries.

Our Service Activities at Medical Camps Include :

  • Free General medical camps
  • Free Eye Care camps
  • Free Orthopedic camps
  • Free Diabetic Camps
  • Free health check up for School Children’s
  • Free Dental Camps.
We invite teams from around the world to be a part of this medical mission in order to give a treatment to the needy people and share the love of Jesus . we will conduct camps which you were belongs to the above services we provided.