Your gift of $25 a month can change the living conditions of these destitute widows in India.

There are 35 million widows in India (according to the 1991 census); 10% of the total female population are widows. Every fourth household in India has a widow, and only 50% of the widows are over 50 years.

Plight of Widow’s in India.

A glaring gender discrimination among Hindus exists in India over the centuries. Whereas a widower can remarry as many times as he likes, a widow cannot remarry irrespective of her age. Since child-marriages were common, position of child-widows was pitiable, since their very existence or seeing their face early in the morning was considered a bad omen.

The unfortunate women who could not commit or were prevented from Sati were doomed to lead the most austere life. Among the brahmins and some higher castes, their heads were shaven, they were made to wear red or white sari without ornaments and eat single meal. Their presence at family public functions were totally forbidden. The widows slogged in joint families, died unwept and unsung.


The “Women of Grace” program is a Ministry of Grace Children Ministries to help the helpless widows and aged women in the state of Andhra Pradesh ,India by providing food provisions, clothing, shelter and medical assistance.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is comprised of thousands of villages, hundreds of towns and many cities. In the course of my travels and preaching in different areas and churches, visiting the servants of God, I realized that hundreds, if not thousands, of widows lived in deplorable conditions. They did not have clothes to fully cover their bodies; they had inadequate food to eat; they suffered terribly from diseases because of lack of medicine and attention; they lived in detestable conditions. What I saw moved me to start this ministry for the glory of God. James 1:27 challenged me. I realized that, in the sight of God, ignoring these widows in their suffering is not pardonable - so I took up the challenge. I decided to help wherever and however possible.

Through the program “Women of Grace” surveyed the 10 local villages and towns and found 400 needy widows. But we started with 100 destitute widows to provide help. They are aged 40-75 years old. we are helping each widow with start $25 a month of provisions such as rice, grains, chili powder, oil packets, soap, detergent, medicine, and travel expenses.

In addition, every six months we distribute clothing and blankets etc. After helping with their physical needs we offer them the assurance of God. We share with them the promises that He will meet their needs and wipe every tear from their eye. We help develop their faith and they are extremely thankful to God for taking care of them through “Women of Grace”.

Your gift of $25 a month can help provide a widow with food and the ability to meet her own needs. Therefore, we humbly requesting that you and your church or organization or small group help us to help these widows in India. We will use your money carefully to provide for the least of these.